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Bruno Gomes defende dissertação de mestrado intitulada "Anonymization of Dynamic Data Sets"

A prova de Mestrado em Informática, requerida por Bruno Ferreira da Rocha Lima Gomes e subordinada ao tema "Anonymization of Dynamic Data Sets", realiza-se no dia 26 de Julho 2011 pelas 15h30, no anfiteatro A2 do Departamento de Informática. A sessão é aberta a todos os interessados.

O júri para esta prova tem a seguinte composição:

  • João M. Fernandes (UMinho) - presidente
  • Luís Antunes (U Porto) - arguente
  • Manuel Bernardo Barbosa (UMinho) - orientador

Resumo da dissertação

Data anonymization techniques aim to protect the privacy of individuals while allowing data mining techniques to study valuable datasets. Up until recently, these techniques focused on one-time releases of large monolithic databases, but recently attention has been increasingly given to the problem of releasing anonymized versions of
dynamic or correlated data.

In this dissertation, we categorize, critically survey and compare diffrent approaches to this problem, which were published in this newly arising and important data anonymization area. We propose a new algorithm that aims to deal with this problem and compare it to the currently most accepted model in terms of quality of data and of processing time as well.


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