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Welcome to MEI, the Master's Degree in Informatics Engineering, the place in the University of Minho where the E stands for Engineering and the I for Informatics.

The Department of Informatics is responsible for all the teaching in this degree. Aware of the heterogeneity of motivations and expectations of students as well as the challenges of the IS, this degree combines the claim for scientific and pedagogical consistency to the flexibility in the structure and organization model.

We believe that MEI is the right choice for those who intend to value their own knowledge, acquiring all the technical skills that labor markets demand and recognize.

Sure of offering a degree based on rigor, innovation and a lot of imagination, this is the obvious Next Level education step for those holding a BSc in Informatics or Computer Science.

Board of Directors of MEI:

  • Professor António Luís Sousa
  • Professor José Bernardo Barros
  • Professor José Carlos Ramalho
  • Professor Paulo Martins Carvalho

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