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Academic Years: 2012/13, 2011/12, 2010/11, 2009/10

This curricular unit is part of the 2nd year of MEI and aims to permit students to acquire a set of competencies related with:

  1. development (analysis, design, implementation, test and management) of a software product in a team li>
  2. analysis of the business value of the product

Additionally, since students work in large teams, they learn many soft skills, such as interpersonal communication, leadership, human resources management, project management and presentation to different audiences. The project must be completed within a limited timeframe. Students are assessed during the project, based on the deliverables and on the presentations that they collectively produce.

This course is not (only) about computer programming. Students apply and develop many skills associated with software engineering, including:

  • Interaction with the customer; Communication of design decisions to the customers and users.
  • Planning and monitoring of a software development project; Plan review during project execution; Reflection on the initial expectations and estimates.
  • Teamwork; Coordination of a team, its meetings and its internal communication; Use of collaboration tools for software development, such as tracking systems, software repositories and version control systems.
  • Development of a project from beginning to end; Elicitation and prioritization of requirements; Documentation for the requirements; Test and validation of the implementation.
  • Presentation of the project, the product, the plans and the documents to the stakeholders and the general public; Production of documentation that is understandable and usable.
  • Creation of a new product; Comparison of the product with the competition; Preparation of a business plan for the product.

News, Correio do Minho, 02.Mar.2011

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