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Pedro Marques defends master dissertation entitled "Maintaining OLAP Cache Systems"

Pedro Carvalho Marques has requested the defence of his dissertation, entitled "Maintaining OLAP Cache Systems" The defence will be held in room A2 of the Departamento de Informática, on July 13, 2011, 2:30pm. The public is invited.

The examining committee is the following:

  • João M. Fernandes (UMinho) - president
  • Jorge Loureiro (IPViseu) - opponent
  • Orlando Belo (UMinho) - supervisor


Nowadays, the use of Multidimensional Data Systems has become a part of everyday actions in medium and large companies. This type of system, which concerns mainly in aiding it’s users in the process of decision making, has a very large flexibility in data exploration and speed of response to queries. Despite all the existing techniques, it is sometimes, very hard to maintain such high levels of performance users demand. With the purpose of tackling these performance losses, other techniques where developed, wich try to reduce central data servers load. One of such mechanisms is the creation of OLAP caches that maintain previous queries and serve them upon subsequent requests without having to ask the central server. Due to OLAP Systems organization, it is possible to identify the characteristics of its users and its exploration patterns – what queries will a user submit during a session. It is, however, possible to go one step further, and to predict exactly wich data will be requested by a specific user and, more important, the sequence of those requests. This is called the prediction phase and is followed by the pre-materialization of views that correspond to the user’s requests in the future. These views are then stored in the cache and served to the user in the appropriate time. The proposed technique’s main goal consists in maintaining a positive ration between the time spent to predict and materialize the views, and the time that would be spent if no prediction had been done.


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