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Carlos Lopes defends master dissertation entitled "iiD: Interactive Informative Display"

Carlos Manuel Fereira Lopes has requested the defence of his dissertation, entitled "iiD: Interactive Informative Display". The defence will be held in room A1 of the Departamento de Informática, on December 19, 2011, 3:00pm. The public is invited.

The examining committee is the following:

  • António Costa (UMinho) - president
  • Benjamim Fonseca (UTAD) - opponent
  • Rui José (UMinho) - supervisor
  • Ana Aguiar (FEUP) - supervisor


The use of small displays at Home is not new and has mainly been explored in the context of specific services, such as Home automation or energy meters. The interactive informative display described in this work differs from previous approaches in its use of off-the-shelf photo frames as generic displays for accessing a broad range of interactive services.

This dissertation describes and evaluates a service for supporting generic interactive content on standard photo frames. The proposed service enables photo frames to present content from several information services such as, the user favorite online newspaper, the ambient assisted living system of the house or dedicated applications. Interaction is based only the standard photo frame controls, but by decoupling interaction events from specifications, the system enables those basic controls to be used to support a broad range of interaction situations. Evaluation results have shown that the proposed approach is able to support the multiple interaction modes, but has also highlighted some technical challenges associated with cache management in some photo frame models.

This work is a contribution towards enabling digital photo frames to become generic interaction device for the Home. Their off-the-shelf nature and the simplicity of their interaction model means that there is a great application potential to explore this possibilities.


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