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Paulo Lopes defends master dissertation entitled "Program and aspect metrics for MATLAB: Design and implementation"

Paulo Alexandre da Silva Lopes has requested the defence of his dissertation, entitled "Program and aspect metrics for MATLAB: Design and implementation". The defence will be held in room A1 of the Departamento de Informática, on December 19, 2011, 10:30am. The public is invited.

The examining committee is the following:

  • João M. Fernandes (UMinho) - president
  • Miguel Pessoa Monteiro (UNL) - opponent
  • João Saraiva (UMinho) - supervisor
  • João Cardoso (FEUP) - supervisor


MATLAB is an programming language supported by an interactive software for high performance dedicated to the numerical calculation. MATLAB integrates numerical analysis, matrix computation, signal processing and construction of charts an friendly-use environment, where operations on matrices are simplified by using MATLAB, contrary to what happens in traditional programming.

In MATLAB language the basic element of information are matrices in which the dimensioning can be done dynamically. This system allows the resolution of many numerical problems in a fraction of the time it takes to write a similar program in Fortran, Basic or C. Furthermore, the solutions for problems are expressed in MATLAB much like its writing in the mathematical way.

For all its advantages, MATLAB has been one of the most widely used programming languages in the scientific community, and to attest it is the vast number of books and publications dedicated to this programming language.

This dissertation goal is twofold: first, we want to develop a catalog of program metrics for the programming language MATLAB, which will be used to asses the quality of programs in MATLAB. Second, we wont develop a catalog of aspect metrics, that will be used with the program metrics in order to analyze the pros and cons of the use of aspects an a MATLAB program, so as to realize if there is some advantage in its use.

For this the Weaver tool developed in previous work in the context of AMADEUS project will be used, once this process allow analyze MATLAB programs without aspects, analyze the aspect involved in the weaver process, and analyze the resulting MATLAB program of this process, which is the original MATLAB program with aspects embedded on its code.


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