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Hélder Silva defends master dissertation entitled "SCEUR: A centralized service for repository usage statistics"

Hélder de Jesus Almeida da Silva has requested the defence of his dissertation, entitled "SCEUR: A centralized service for repository usage statistics". The defence will be held in room A2 of the Departamento de Informática, on December 23, 2011, 10:00am. The public is invited.

The examining committee is the following:

  • João M. Fernandes (UMinho) - president
  • José Paulo Leal (FCUP) - opponent
  • José C. Ramalho (UMinho) - supervisor


Nowadays we witness a paradigm shift regarding to institutional repositories. Repositories are no longer isolated in their institutional context. Instead they participate in consortia where ideas, policies and technologies can be shared, contributing to the growth of knowledge of the communities where they are included.

Much could be said about the importance that institutional repositories do maintain in their community, but with this new paradigm it becomes relevant to explore the management challenges that the new context presents. To manage a consortium is necessary to have indicators that help in decision making and meet the needs of information that the promoting entities have with regard to the impact of investments in culture, research, innovation and development.

This dissertation presents SCEUR. It is a project (developed under the RCAAP initiative) which aims to build an architecture that allows to collect, process and present in an intuitive manner statistics from institutional repositories usage data and also assist in the sharing of statistical data by developing add-ons that facilitate that task in software used by the institutions and by publishing information and various recommendations in this context. International projects are also presented, as well as existing standards and technologies used to implement the underlying concepts.


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