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1st year

The syllabus of the 1st year of MEI is structured as follows:

UCE30 ECTS Regime Hours
Option 1 30 Annual (4 modules + project) 10 hours per week (5 T + 3,5 TP + 1,5 P)
Option 2 30 Annual (4 modules + project) 10 hours per week (5 T + 3,5 TP + 1,5 P)

A 30-ECTS Specialised Curricular Unit (UCE30) constitutes a coherent educational proposal in a specific specialisation area, embodying three aspects (foundations, technologies and applications) and integrating a transversal project.

Option 1 and Option 2 are UCE30s that can be selected from a collection of 13 alternatives.

Day of the week Acronyms Specialised Curricular Unit (UCE30)
Monday ACS Software Analysis and Design
EL Language Engineering
SD Distributed Systems
Tuesday CPD Parallel and Distributed Computing
CSSI Cryptography and Information Systems Security
EA Applications Engineering
SI Intelligent Systems
Thursday CG Computer Graphics
ERC Communication Services and Ubiquitous Systems
MFES Formal Methods in Software Engineering
Friday Bio Bioinformatics
ESCSU Computer Network Engineering
SSD Decision Support Systems

Each UCE30 has a limited number of available positions, which is fixed every year by the direction board of MEI. In previous years, the number was set between 20 and 25 students. Despite the fact that all optional UCE30s are expected to open, restrictions on available labs and rooms and the overlapping of timetables do not allow all possible combinations of pairs of UCE30s to be selected by the students. Each UCE30 is scheduled for the period 8:00-19:00

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