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Petr Lobaz gives a seminar on computer generated holography

Dr. Petr Lobaz, a lecturer at the University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic), gives a seminar entitled "Computer generated holography". The seminar will be held in room A2 of the Departamento de Informática on December 07, 2011, 11:00-12:30. This seminar is especially targeted for the students that are attending UCE30 Computer Graphics.


Holography is not just a fancy word of sci-fi series. It is above all a rapidly developing area of optics, the science that underwent dramatic change in the last 50 years and stands at the forefront of both science and industry.

Research on Computer Generated Holography lies on the boundary of optics, computer science, signal processing, electronics, computer graphics and 3D visualization - and boundaries were always good places to look for treasures.

This seminar unveils the basics of both classical and modern digital holography, shows its industrial and scientific applications and especially shows the most attractive one - the true 3D image creation and visualization.

True 3D image creation and visualization remains a hard challenge for researchers and practitioners and stands as a mythical ultimate display for the common citizen. Holography, and specially Digital Holography, is expected to deliver revolutionary developments over the next few years.

Seminar announcement (in PDF)


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